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LED Wall Light with Motion Sensor

LED Wall Light with Motion Sensor

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No more searching for keys or mains power light switches in the dark or the rain. This high quality LED light keeps a warm white glow in all dark situations, and illuminate to full 1000 Lumens brightness when you approach. You will enhance your safety and security by mounting this energy-efficient outdoor light on a wall or fence.

Main features of LED Wall Light:

  • A perfect replacement for traditional outdoor security sensor light bulbs.
  • Integrated all-in-one LED light with a built-in battery, solar panel, and PIR motion sensor.
  • Sun-powered, energy-efficient (No Mains Power Required), and environmentally friendly.
  • Very easy installation; No electrician required.
  • Adjustable lighting angle.
  • Three lighting modes to choose from.

Save on electricity costs and increase your sense of security at the same time with the improved version of solar LED lights. New Adaptive Lighting System technology (ALS2.0) allows this LED light to adjust its lighting to the external weather conditions. As a result it keeps longest battery charge; almost for 5+ nights after consecutive cloudy and rainy days.  The light is PIR motion sensor yet, you have the option to turn the motion sensor off and use it as a 20 Lumens night light in your outdoor and garden area.  There are three lighting modes you can choose from:

  • Mode 1: Complete motion sensor. Only turns on to 100% brightens (1000 Lumens) when motion detected.
  • Mode 2: 20 Lumens constant lighting thorough the night + 100% brightens (1000 Lumens) when motion detected.
  • Mode 3:  No motion sensor. 20 Lumens constant lighting the whole night.
The light is dusk to dawn which automatically activates at sunset and switches off at sunrise. IP65 Ingress Rating means the LED light is weatherproof and suitable for all weather types across Australia. It's also water-resistance and UV resistance with Thermal Conductive Plastic as its main body material and IK06 rating. 

Applications of LED Wall Light:

Some applications of Solar LED Sensor Light include but not limited to:

  • Front door, building entrance, or gate light,
  • Step light for stairway lighting,
  • Garden light to illuminate dark corners of your backyard,
  • Fence light, patio light, or deck railing light to shine your entertainment or pool area,
  • Security light or floodlight to shine on your pathway, driveway, or sidewalk,
  • Perfect for local walking tracks or biking tracks as a track light,
  • Post light to illuminate your building number or letterboxes.

Solar LED Light Specifications:

  • Solar Panel: 5.5v, 0.5W
  • Li-ion battery: Li-ion 7.4 Wh, 2 AH, 3.7 V
  • Led: up to 1000 Lumens (10w)
  • Colour Temperature: 4000k
  • Charging Time: 8-20 hours by bright sunlight
  • Lighting Time: over 8 hours per night, 5+ night with one full charge
  • Mounting Height: up to 2.5 meters (Recommended)
  • Installation Distance: 3 meters (Recommended)
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistance with IP65 and IK06
  • Working Temperature: Charging Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C Discharging Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Material: Thermal Conductive Plastics
  • Dimensions: 90.0 x 79.5 x 55.0 mm
  • Warranty: 24 months
How to Install:
  • Choose your preferred location, ensuring plenty of natural, daily sunlight hits the solar panel.
  • Drill two holes into the wall, fence or beam. Fix the light using the supplied screws (and expansion lugs if necessary).
  • Press and hold the On/Off bottom on the lighting head for 3 seconds to activate the light. Choose the lighting mode which is appropriate for you.
  • Allow your solar light to charge for at least 8 hours by bright sunlight before the first time use.
Important Note
  • Test your LED light for effective charging in its new space, before fixing it into position permanently.
  • Please clean the solar panel occasionally. It will remove the potential blocking dust or dirt from the solar panel and will increase its efficiency.
  • Dull daylight hours will affect charging times, so exercise patience if the weather conditions are poor.
  • Exposure to fire and oil may cause an explosion.
  • Any severe knock or forceful smashing action may damage your light and affect its functionality.
  • Do not disassemble the light. Seek expert, professional technical assistance only.

Solar LED Wall Light Package Includes: The LED light fitting, Screws and expansion pillar-hinges (lugs), User Manual.

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